By completing this course you will become a Poison Prevention Educator for the Arizona Poison Control System. We hope that after completing this program you will be equipped to teach others about poisonings and what to do in a poisoning emergency.

After completion of all lessons, quizzes, test, and evaluation you will gain full access to the resource center. To access your course outline click here.

  • Introduction and Pre-Test
  • Lesson 1: About U.S. Poison Centers And The Arizona Poison Control System
  • Lesson 2: Understanding The Poisoning Problem
  • Lesson 3: Common Poisons And Prevention
  • Lesson 4: What To Do In Case Of A Poisoning
  • Lesson 5: Sharing Poison Prevention Information With Your Community
  • Post-Test and Evaluation

It takes approximately two hours to complete this course but progress is saved so you do not have to finish it in one sitting. We appreciate your time and commitment to this program!